Primary Ear Care Centre and Audiology Services

The Primary Ear Care Centre and Audiology Services are based at Rotherham Community Health Centre.  

Primary Ear Care Centre

The Primary Ear Care Centre is a nurse-led ear care service and a UK centre of excellence which has won several national awards in innovation, nursing and training.  

Clinics are held in the following locations: 

  • Rotherham Community Health Centre – daily 
  • Maltby Health Centre – twice weekly 
  • Aston Service Centre – weekly 
  • Wath Health Centre – weekly 
  • Domiciliary visits for housebound patients 

Patients can telephone 01709 423207 to book an appointment or can be referred by their GP or other health professional 

Audiology Service

Audiology services offer a wide range of adult and children’s hearing assessment and therapy services, including a variety of hearing aids, tinnitus and balance counselling. 

Clinics are held at Rotherham Community Health Centre and Rotherham Hospital. 

Domiciliary visits are carried out for housebound patients. 

Patients are usually referred by their GP however if a patient already has a hearing aid and they need to be seen again they can refer themselves.  

Patients can telephone audiology on 01709 423145 (adults) 01709 423289 (children). 

Contact us: 

Primary Ear Care Centre    

01709 423207  

Audiology Services             

01709 423145  

Newborn Hearing Screening 

01709 427548

Rotherham Community Health Centre
Greasbrough Road
Rotherham S60 1RY  


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