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Thanks to all who attended memorial

31 Oct 2019 11:03:06

 Balloon releaseThe Chaplaincy department and the Midwives teamed up to organise and run a special remembrance day in the Hospital Chapel. 

Talhat Mughal, Lead Chaplain, wanted to give his thanks to everyone who attended on October 21 at the annual baby loss memorial service.

Talhat said it was a great success with around 50 people joining in. “We had lots of moments of reflection and remembrance throughout the service including candle lighting, writing messages on paper leaves and a balloon release by the entrance of the hospital. 

“The day finished with tea, coffee and cakes, allowing an opportunity for everyone to chat and share experiences and memories. One participant who has been coming for many years shared: ‘Thank you for a great service, best one so far. It’s a really important service for me, even years on after losing my baby, as it gives me an opportunity to remember them’.” 

We look forward to next year’s event.