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Special lights delivered for parents and babies

30 May 2019 15:53:54
SCBU skylights

The Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity is lighting the way for patients and relatives attending the Delivery Suite and Special Care Baby Unit. 

The charity has teamed up with sensory lighting specialists Visualite and YESSS Electrical in Rotherham to provide a brighter environment for patients, especially mothers in labour and for parents whose new-borns are cared for on SCBU.

June Lovett, Assistant Chief Nurse, Head of Midwifery and Professions at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, said the specially designed skylights are already receiving positive feedback from patients and colleagues alike. 

“The corridors on the Delivery Suite and SCBU were dark with no natural light. We wanted to provide an inviting and warm environment for the families we care for which reflects the compassionate care we provide,” she said.

“The lights have had a dramatic and breath-taking effect and we feel incredibly proud of the difference they have made. They look fantastic and we love how the blue skies and trees help bring the outside in. 

“Women coming onto the Delivery Suite or parents with babies on SCBU are understandably anxious, but the colourful lights have a calming effect and hopefully a positive impact on their mental health and wellbeing.”

The £16,800 lights took just three days to install and were made possible thanks to charitable donations. The charity has previously funded similar lights for the High Dependency Unit and Intensive Care Unit at Rotherham Hospital. 

Steve Nelson, Creator at Visualite, said: “When we visited the Delivery Suite and SCBU at Rotherham Hospital we were quite excited because we knew our lighting would really make a dramatic difference. The corridors were very dark, particularly on the Delivery Suite and therefore perfect areas to use the Visualite sensory lighting.

“In some cases parents travel through the Delivery Suite onto SCBU via the joining corridors, so we kept the designs the same to mirror the patient journey. We’re thrilled with the results and the positive reaction from Trust colleagues.”

Partners at Rotherham-based YESSS Electrical have been involved in the installation of the light panels in all areas at Rotherham Hospital.

Chris Holmes, Branch Manager at YESSS Electrical, added: “We know that light, colour and images of nature help to alleviate stress and anxiety, which is especially important when going through labour or when parents are caring for their new-borns on SCBU. We really hope the lighting proves to be comforting and uplifting for families and NHS professionals alike.”

The charity raises money to fund resources, equipment and projects above and beyond what the NHS can afford and which benefit patients of all ages at Rotherham Hospital and in the community.

Barry Mellor, Chair of the Charitable Funds Committee, said: “We received such positive feedback about the charity-funded lights we funded for ITU and HDU that we knew the charity could really make a difference in other areas of the hospital too. 

“Thank you to everyone who donated or fundraisers for the charity because it means we can sponsor worthwhile projects like this which will continue to make a difference for generations to come.”

For more information about the Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity please contact Suzanne Rutter on 01709 426821 or via trft.charity@nhs.net.

Photo caption: Mums Kate Veale, 29, with baby Ethan William Somerset and Neela Patel, 34, with baby Kavisha Patel.