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Midwives hit the right notes this International Day of the Midwife

05 May 2020 20:19:32
midwives choir

NHS England’s Midwifery Ambassadors have come together virtually to celebrate International Day of the Midwife 2020 (5 May), #IDM20, as a choir through the medium of music and technology to spread a little hope, sunshine, smiles and happiness during these difficult times of COVID19.

Do any of you recognise a familiar face amongst the choir?! Our own NHS England Midwifery Ambassador and Trust Midwife, Sarah Neal, can be heard loud and clear as part of the choir spreading her message of support and celebration.

You can watch the choir in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HM3H-1CH2yk&app=desktop

The #PerceptionsOfMidwifery Programme is one England’s Chief Midwifery Officer, Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent’s three key ambitions. There are currently approximately 150 Midwifery Ambassadors working in NHS Maternity services across England, working together to promote, support and raise the roar for our profession.

Led by Claire Mathews, North West Regional Chief Midwife, the aim of the Midwifery Ambassadors is threefold, firstly to engage with the future midwifery workforce by sharing the art and science of midwifery with children and young people so that potential future midwifery students from all backgrounds, ethnicity and gender, may consider midwifery as a career of choice. Secondly to work with the current midwifery workforce to ensure they feel motivated, valued and proud of the work midwives do, thus improving morale and retaining midwives in the profession. Thirdly sharing the positive work midwives do and the good news stories with the media and the public so they may encourage and support both our current midwifery workforce, our future midwifery workforce and of course in turn supporting the women, babies and families we care for across the country.

The Choir is made up of 32 midwives from all seven regions of the country and represents the diverse workforce we have. The choir includes student midwives, midwives from various ethnic backgrounds, midwives from other parts of the world working in our NHS, male midwives, specialist midwives, midwifery lecturers, front line midwives currently working clinically during the COVID19 Pandemic as well as senior midwives and system leaders. Celebrate this annual event with us by sharing our video and supporting the midwifery profession of England #LoveYourMidwife #MidwiferyAmbassadors #PerceptionsOfMidwifery #IDM2020 #simonaustin #TeamCMidO @TeamCMidO @Midwife_Claire @singersi90