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Keeping Rotherham people safe throughout the winter

14 Nov 2018 10:59:17
Land Rover 2018

A local car dealership has loaned The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust a 4x4 vehicle for the eighth year in a row to use over the winter period.

Guy Salmon, based in Sheffield, recently delivered the Land Rover Discovery which will be used by the Trust’s Estates team. It will be used to ensure that the team can get to the hospital and keep the grounds free from snow and ice during periods of bad weather to make sure patients can access our services.

The Land Rover will also be on hand to transport key members of staff into work so that they can treat patients, in the event that there are no other forms of transport available.

Chris Tobin, Head of Estates Services at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We’re extremely grateful to Guy Salmon for providing us with a Land Rover for the eighth year. It really is a valuable asset during the winter months and helps us keep our services running and ensure our hospital grounds are safe for patients, visitors and colleagues.

“Having the Land Rover available during the winter months is also reassuring because it means we have a reliable, alternative way of getting key colleagues into work if no other methods of transport are available.”

Throughout winter, local people are being reminded to choose the right care for their symptoms, helping health services to help them stay well and treat those most in need as health services go through an extremely busy time.

For details on how you can access the right care, first time for your health needs visit www.rotherhamccg.nhs.uk/rightcare-firsttime.htm