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Counting on us

02 Jan 2020 11:08:18
2019 in numbers

As we reach the end of another year at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, it gives us a chance to look back at all that our staff have achieved in the past 12 months and remind everyone of the work that has gone into operating the Trust this year – everything from pouring a cup of tea to welcoming a newborn.


We’ve brought together some important numbers that add up to make your Trust.


In 2019…


We washed 130,000 sheets and made around the same number of beds.


We served around 500,000 meals.


We poured around 750,000 cups of tea.


Around 79,000 people attended the Urgent and Emergency Care Centre in 2019 - their busiest month was January, when they treated 9,129 people. On the busiest day – 8 April – they saw 364 people.


We brought 2,449 babies into the world.


We said goodbye to 968 people (RIP).


We helped 70,840 people be discharged home.


However, what we cannot calculate are the moments of relief, sadness, joy and laughter we shared with patients throughout the year.


We visited thousands of homes, listened to patients and helped them through tough times.


We shed tears and held patients when they shed them too.


We gave countless hugs and spoke words of kindness.


The numbers speak for themselves, and while they are important, what is equally important are things we cannot always count, that don’t have a measurement. And this is where our colleagues strive to excel.

Here’s to a Happy New Year ahead and a brighter 2020 for us all.