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Charity lights the way with ward refurbishment in Critical Care

23 May 2019 12:04:47

Families visiting loved ones receiving critical care at Rotherham Hospital are benefitting from a colourful and uplifting environment thanks to new ceiling lights funded by the Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity. 

The Charity teamed up with lighting specialists Visualite and Yesss Electrical in Rotherham to illuminate the entrance to the High Dependency and Intensive Care Units with blue skies and trees. 

Janet Lockwood, Ward Manager for ITU and HDU, said: “The Critical Care Team work hard to provide high quality care and the best environment for our patients while they are requiring treatment. 

“The families of our patients spend a lot of time with us and a large amount of this is spent in the relative’s room and on our corridor. They are understandably distressed and anxious.  

“We wanted to change the dark, dull and unwelcoming corridor into a bright, uplifting and serene space where relatives can appreciate the quiet time they need when their loved ones are ill.  

“I’m sure that changing our surroundings in such a creative and thoughtful way will have a big impact on the wellbeing of our patients and their families.”

The £10,000 project took just a week to install and has been made possible thanks to funding from the Charity and colleagues from ICU and HDU who entered a Visualite competition to win £5,000 towards the cost of light panels to enhance their workplace.  

Barry Mellor, Chair of the Charitable Funds Committee, said: “Thanks to the amazing fundraisers who support the charity we’ve been able to transform the entrance to the HDU and ITU wards with some wonderful Visualite ceiling lights. Colleagues described the area as ‘dull, dingy and claustrophobic’ before the work was completed but it now feels much more serene and beautiful.”