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Charity-funded tricks and treats help to aid patients' recovery

07 Jan 2020 15:20:44
dementia friendly boxes

The Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity has funded a new supply of activity boxes to aid the recovery of dementia and stroke patients.

The 10 boxes contain games and sensory activities such as colouring books, jigsaws, dominoes, jenga, snakes and ladders and tiddly winks to enable colleagues to socialise and engage with the colleagues caring for them. 

Maggie Boldan, Activities Coordinator at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, submitted a bid to the charity for the boxes, which cost £2,050.

She said: “We know that people living with dementia and stroke related conditions can feel anxious and distressed when they are in unfamiliar surroundings like hospitals. The boxes are designed to help relive the frustration and boredom patients often feel while recovering. 

“We have carefully selected the contents to ensure the activities are fun, easy and engaging. Patients love the traditional games and enjoy reminiscing about playing with them in their childhood.  The games also prove to be a great ice breaker for staff introducing themselves to patients for the first time.”

The boxes have been distributed to 10 wards at Rotherham Hospital and are already proving beneficial to patients like Stephen Lisles, 61, from Barnsley, who we cared for while he recovered from a stroke. 

Maggie added: “They are such a simple idea but they have a huge impact on patients like Steve who has been with us for five months following a stroke. The games are helping him to learn how to use his left hand, rather than his right. It’s also a way for us to improve his sensory skills and confidence.”

For more information about how you can support the Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity please contact Suzanne Rutter on 01709 426821 or email trft.charity@nhs.net