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Business Continuity Awareness Week

18 May 2020 11:17:42
Business Contibutity Awareness Week 2020

“We take our business continuity planning and preparations very seriously.” That’s the message from Craig Patchett, Emergency Planning and Business Resilience Manager at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust. 


Throughout the year, Craig works closely with teams and departments at Rotherham Hospital and the Trust’s community teams to develop and test plans for when there are emergency situations that mean teams’ normal activities have to change to maintain critical functions.


The Trust also works closely with partner organisations, including Rotherham Council, other NHS organisations, Police, Fire and Ambulance services.


“It is vital that we develop and test plans for disruptions which impact on the Trusts’ activities that are out of our control so that if they ever have to be enacted, we all know what we need to do.” 


“The current coronavirus outbreak is a great example of how teams and organisations are working together to help reduce the rate of transmission, ensure staffing levels are appropriate and patients get the care they need.”


This week is Business Continuity Awareness Week, and this year’s theme is ‘We are Stronger Together’ and the coronavirus pandemic has made collaboration and working together even more important than ever


The Trust regularly run exercises to check our emergency plans are practical in a real life scenario, that everyone understands what they need to do and to learn from what goes well and what goes not so well.

The photographs above show some of the exercises the Trust has carried out over the past couple of years.


“Last summer we ran an exercise around a chemical incident scenario which was a no notice live test. Although the reason behind the incident and timescales were different, emergency plans were enacted enabling the Trust to manage the incident whilst simultaneously maintaining our critical functions to ensure patient safety and many of the processes and procedures implemented during the exercise have been enacted during the current coronavirus outbreak.


“While some people may think of it as planning for the worst-case scenario, the plans and exercises prove invaluable in times of emergency, such as floods, power failures, snow and major incidents, where we have to work together to keep vital services running.”